The Department of Agriculture has been created mainly to provide Agricultural Extension services to farmers and to transfer the latest technical knowledge to the farming community, introduction of high yielding varieties, laying demonstrations, imparting training to farmers to improve skills & knowledge to boost up the agricultural production and productivity.

The other objectives of the Department are to assess requirements of agriculture inputs well in advance and to regulate their production and monitor timely supply of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, implements and credit, etc to farmers.

The Department also performs the statutory functions under various Acts and regulations (i.e., quality control) to ensure supply of quality inputs i.e., Seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to farmers and implementation of Dangerous Machines Regulation Act.

The Department also carries out certain other facilitating functions such as

1. Soil testing

2. Soil and Water Conservation

3. Soil Survey

4. Credit assessment/ arrangements

5. Media Production

6. Trainings to farmers

7. Arranging P.P.campaigns/Diagnostic team visits whenever necessary

8.  Monitoring and Evolution

9.  Disaster Management

10. Crop Insurance

11. Agricultural Mechanization

12. Extending technical assistance to various agencies.

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